Dylan and the Lion’s Den

In October Zoie Sky got the privilege of designing an incredible 10 year old boy’s room. Dylan is a typical 4th grade boy. He loves his family, his friends, and especially his Detroit Lions. Zoie Sky met Dylan through Pastor Roger at the East Side Mission in Flint. Pastor Roger had seen Dylan and his mom Veronica helping many people at the mission in the kitchen and at clothing drives. However, he also knew that they were in just as much need as many of the families they were helping. Once Zoie Sky heard about Dylan’s story and his needs they knew they had to help. So they met with Dylan and his mom to begin renovating his room. Dylan’s only request were that he have bunk beds so he could entertain friends, and a Detroit Lions theme. Over the course of three days many volunteers made Dylan’s dream bedroom come to life. The first day of the renovation was Dylan’s Birthday so the Zoie Sky team surprised him by singing “Happy Birthday” and gave him a Detroit Lions cake. The second day was full of work prepping and painting the room, and the last day was filled with set-up. Dylan’s room was amazing. He loves his new room. It is a space that he can enjoy and call his own. To top it all off the Lions even won there first game the following weekend! Once the room was complete the Zoie Sky volunteers felt like something was still missing. So they wrote a letter to the Lions asking if they would be interested in donating anything to put in Dylan’s room, and guess what? They sent a SIGNED BALL!!! Now Dylan’s room is truly complete. It is an incredible space for an incredible boy. Zoie Sky and all of its volunteers are so thankful to have been a piece of God’s story in Dylan’s life. We urge anyone reading this to say a prayer for Dylan, his family, and all our Zoie Sky children.

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