Our latest project…

So we here at Zoie Sky have been quite busy! We met with our newest family The Brown’s and are getting ready to get their room underway. Megan and Johnny are 3 and 1 respectively and are currently sleeping in their family room. Johnny in a crib and Megan on the floor. They have a room that will soon be their’s and we can’t wait to see their faces when its done. We are working with students from the Interior Design Department at Baker College in Flint to design and install everything so that Megan and Johnny can have a brand new room all their own. On June 17th* we will be going to paint the room and on June 27th* we will be installing all the furniture and putting our special Zoie Sky touch on their new room. We can’t wait to share pictures and stories with you…

*If you want to help on either of these days just e-mail us from the “contact” page.

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