Megan & Johnny’s Story

Zoie Sky got to start the summer off the way we love…finishing up our latest room for two very deserving kids. When we met Megan and Johnny they were sleeping on the floor in their living room. They had never known what it was like to have their very own beds. Their mom was working hard to keep them safe and happy, but was unable to afford a bedroom for the two. Thats where Zoie Sky stepped in! We, along with some students from Baker College of Flint’s Interior Design Department, were able to design a room fit for a Princess and a little Rock Star! Megan and Johnny were so surprised and there mom says they are constantly playing in their new room. When the room was finished we were able to pray with and for this truly loving family and we hope that as you read this you will say a little prayer for them too. Smiles come in all shapes and sizes and we hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of Megan and Johnny in their new room.

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