Finally an Update:)

Wow is it March already? God has really been blessing Zoie Sky and all our volunteers with huge opportunities already this year. We ended 2011 with an exciting new project we’ve been invited to work on a the Whaley Children’s Center called Project Joy. Its a collaboration with Zoie Sky, Baker College, and other volunteers to bring Joy and Hope to each child living at the Whaley House. These children have often been negelected, abused, and betrayed only to be orphaned and left alone. But we hope to change that by helping to create spaces of beauty in the midst of thier lives. This has been a big project with even bigger blessings. We here at Zoie Sky feel that we have, in a sense, adopted these children as our own. In addition to Project Joy we have continued to help families and children around our community as well. Our Zoie Sky family is growing by leaps and bounds and God has been blessing it all. Thank you so much for your prayers for our families and our organization they have really been felt. Please take a moment to pray for all the children currently at Whaley and all of the children that have been orphaned by circumstance. We hope to continue to be invited to being Joy and Hope into their lives.

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