Why are donations and volunteers so important to Zoie Sky?

Zoie Sky is a local non-profit organization in Flushing, Michigan, that provides bedrooms for children in need. Many children in our community are sleeping on the floor or in poor living conditions of no fault of their own. Our dream is for every child in Genesee County to go to bed each night in a safe and loving environment. We feel by providing these children with bedrooms we are not only creating a good sleeping environment for them, but good sleep impacts all other parts of their lives including education, relationships, and self-worth. Zoie Sky feels that the foundation of a great community begins with children. By creating safe and loving environments at home we are literally building a better future for our community one child and one family at a time.

Our organization was founded four years ago and since then has been able to provide over 150 children with new bedrooms. In the last year alone we have provided twenty-eight children in our community with bedrooms. Sixteen of those children were living in private homes within our community of Genesee County. Twelve of these children live at a local orphanage in our area named Whaley’s Children Center. We are excited to be working with Whaley and hope to provide even more bedrooms for them in the future. Each bedroom we create consists of a brand-new mattress, bed, dresser, and desk. Each room also includes free professional Interior Design Services, new paint, bedding, sheets, blankets, pillows, bedroom accessories, area rugs, lamps, pictures, and anything else that will make the bedroom a dream come true for the child.

We rely solely on volunteers and donations to run our program, and we are proud to say that 90% of each donation we receive goes directly into children’s bedrooms. We have no paid staff and have been given 501 (c) (3) non-profit tax status. 10% of each donation goes to operating costs. Our volunteers donate time to help create the room and also to help promote our organization within the community. We pride ourselves on using any donations of time or money from the community to impact the children as much as possible. Each bedroom can cost from $1500-$2000 to complete depending on how many children occupy each bedroom.

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