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We here at Zoie Sky have been super busy all spring and before we knew it we are halfway through summer! So what’s been keeping us busy? Well Zoie Sky is growing again. In addition to working with lots of new Zoie Sky Families, we have also begun working with Baker College school of Interior Design to completly reimagine the Family Room and all of the children’s rooms at The Whaley Children’s Center and all of their off campus houses. That’s 27 on campus rooms for the neediest of children in our community. We are so excited for this opportunity to show these children that they are loved and worthy of a room all their own. So we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are so grateful for the opportunity to support our community in this way.

Our Summer has already been busy and will continue to be. We are taking the summer “off” to plan for the fall and organize all of our upcoming projects. So be ready Fall is going to be here before we know and we are going to need you! There will literally be tons of volunteer opportunities and needs. We are hoping to get a newsletter to our contacts on our volunteer list soon so if you want to receive the letter make sure you are on our volunteer list by simply contacting us and leaving us your contact information.

We hope everyone is enjoying this HOT summer and resting up for the Fall!

PS In the meantime check out our new Zoie Sky Promotional Video. A special thanks to Josh Kennedy for putting it together.

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