Project Joy!

Project Joy started in 2010 as a dream.  It was started by Whaley Children’s Center to bring the community together with the common goal of bringing joy to the children of Whaley.  As soon as we at Zoie Sky were contacted we knew we had to be part of this project!   Whaley Children’s Center is a non-profit residential child care institution that provides services to children that have suffered chronic abuse or neglect. The services they provide to children and families include residential treatment, group homes, family counseling & after care services.  They are an amazing organization that has helped many children in our community grow up to be incredible adults.  When we toured their facility our hearts were immediately moved for the children there.  So after talking with Whaley staff we decided we would partner with Whaley on Project Joy. The first phase was to completely make-over the family room. This is a space where families and children can share time together, play games, and it is often where children meet their new adoptive families for the first time.  We got help from many community volunteers and companies as well as Baker College of Flint’s Interior Design Department who helped to put together the design.  After almost a year of planning and fundraising the room was finally complete! This is just one of the many projects our organization has done in the past year to show the children of our community that they are loved and special.  If you would like to help with a project like this contact us and let us know.  If you want to more about Whaley Children’s Center and Project Joy visit for more information, and enjoy this short video of Project Joy in action…

Zoie Sky project joy highlights from Zoie Sky on Vimeo.

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