There’s no such thing as small change

There’s no such thing as small change.  This is one of my favorite quotes, and at Zoie Sky we know that it’s true.  Often when we describe what our organization does people react with varying forms of “oh that’s nice,” but when they truly grasp what having a bedroom means to a child that has never had even a bed they begin to understand that this small change is anything but small.  My (Crystal) reaction to every Zoie Sky project I have done for the past four years has always been a sense of overwhelming love for the child we are helping and their family.  I always think I won’t cry, but every time we do a reveal tears of joy break through.

Often times in life we forget the small changes that often wield big results.  We all want to know that we have a huge impact on society for everything we do, and this is never more true than with a non-profit.  The reason we do what we do is because our dream is that no child in Genesee County will go to sleep on the floor.  We want every single child to go to bed in a room that’s all their own.  However, that doesn’t happen overnight.  Each child that Zoie Sky helps is a life changed and that is huge.  These are the future leaders of our community.  These are people that can literally change the world, and we have to remember that each room is anything but a small change in their lives.

There really is no such thing as small change.  Whether it be monetary or momentary.  Every little change can lead to big impacts in our community.  One example I experienced this week of little change that can make a big difference was when I went to check the Zoie Sky mail.  One of the best parts of checking the mail is when we get a donation.  I get super excited, regardless of the donation size.  I just love it when people support what we are doing.  So one of those donations came this week and when I dropped the donation off for deposit, Kali told me that this specific donation comes every month from the same couple.  I was astounded.  Most of our donations are one time gifts, but this couple sends the same amount every month and they have for years.  Its small change with a big impact.  All those small monthly donations really add up and it brought my heart joy just thinking of how many children they have helped with this simple act.  It made me realize that whether its Zoie Sky or something in your own life no change is too small.  God uses all our gifts to His glory.  We don’t have to save the world to be a hero, we are a hero to the one person we save.

So my challenge is this, as we head into the summer, don’t forget there is no such thing as small change….What will you do?


*Written by:  Crystal Arp, Executive Director of Zoie Sky


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