Volunteers, Fundraisers, and more Oh My!

We have been telling you all bout the changes going on here at Zoie Sky and now its time to be specific about how you can help.

We need Volunteer Coordinators.  Each of these coordinators will head up teams of volunteers that will be responsible for various tasks.  Currently we are looking for a Family Coordinator, a Public Relations Coordinator, and an Office Coordinator.  We are praying that God sends us just the right person for each of these positions.  If you want any more information about any of these opportunities feel free to e-mail us at zoieskyfoundation@gmail.com.

If you don’t have time to volunteer you can help us in other ways.  We now have a donate button on our website and you can use it anytime to help our Zoie Sky families.  All donations made to Zoie Sky are tax-deductible so check it out!

Lastly,  If you can’t give time or money you can SHOP! Thats right shop! No not for our Zoie Sky rooms, but for your own groceries.  First, you have to get a Kroger Plus Card.  Then go to www.kroger.com/communityrewards and register your card.  Once your account is created you can go to the community rewards section and choose to give a portion of the total of each sale on your Kroger Card to Zoie Sky Foundation! Its easy, it cost you nothing, and it will make a huge difference to our organization.

So find a way to be involved in Zoie Sky and to change our community one child and one family at a time!

If you have any questions or need help registering your card feel free to e-mail at zoieskyfoundation@gmail.com or call us at 810.513.1934


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