Sweet Dreams

One of my favorite times of the day is bedtime.  Not my bedtime, although I love that too, but my kids bedtime.  I love the rhythm it provides for the day.  I love getting my kids in their “jammies”, tucking them into bed, reading a book, and saying our nightly prayers.  It always ends my day with the feeling of peace.

However, since beginning my work with Zoie Sky each night I think about all the families we have helped and imagine the families that still need us.  I think about how this nightly ritual doesn’t exist for many parents and children around Genesee County.  I think about how different I would feel at the end of the day if my child went to sleep on the floor, or even the couch.  I think about the guilt that would bring and the heartache from not being able to provide a comfortable bed for my child.  I think about this and I pray for the families we have yet to help.

But I also think of all the families we have helped and I realize that when we do a Zoie Sky project we don’t just give a room to a child in need, we give a gift to the whole family. We provide them a place to tuck their kids in, read a book, and maybe say a nightly prayer.  We give them a place of peace.  We free the parents from the guilt they haveprobably lived with for a long time.  We provide the whole family with a sense of pride in their homes.  We don’t just give them an experience, we give them a whole new way to begin and end their days.

Tonight when you go to bed I ask that you think of all our Zoie Sky families and all the families in need around Genesee County that we have yet to help.

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