Meet Mollie :)

Mollie is just like any other thirteen year old girl.  She loves swimming, golfing, playing basketball with her brother, and especially horseback riding.  She adores her horse P.J. and she’s starting Middle School in the Fall.  She’s sweet and friendly and shy.  But while she sounds like every other teen girl there is one big difference from her and all her friends.  Mollie has cancer.

When I met Mollie last week the first thing I noticed was her smile.  She literally lit up the room.  While she does have the bald head of a person fighting cancer, she looks anything but sick.  She’s absolutely vibrant and honestly she rocks the no hair look.  If you could meet her you would agree.  She is seriously one of the happiest people I have ever met.  Her excitement is contagious, and I am so excited to welcome her to the Zoie Sky family!  I can’t wait to get started on her room!  We will be ordering her furniture in the next week, then its on to picking all the right designs for the perfect room for Mollie.  She has been through a lot the last four years and its her turn to be pampered and know just how special and amazing she is!

When you think of Mollie say a prayer or leave an encouraging comment for her below!

*By the way September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Go to to order a Childhood Cancer Awareness silicone bracelet or ribbon to help remind you to pray for Mollie.

*Mollie requested that she not be photographed in order to protect her privacy.  Thanks for your understanding:)

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