Our very first room of the fall is Mollie’s Room and it will take place on October 9th and 10th.  If you read the post “Meet Mollie” then you know that she is fighting childhood cancer right now.  Her room is opening a whole new door for us at Zoie Sky to begin, not only helping children in poverty, but also helping children with long-term illnesses.  While we are excited to give Mollie a new room we also want to ask all our Zoie Sky friends to pray for a cure for Mollie and the millions of children fighting their own battles right now.  We also want to thank OLV Investment Group for sponsoring Mollie’s Room and can’t wait to have them join us for the “Big Reveal!”  If you know of a child who could use our help or you want to sponsor a room yourself contact us to find out how.  Only one more week until Mollie’s Room is complete!!!

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