What is the Impact of your gift?

What is the Impact of your gift?

Alicia tries to sleep.
It’s dark in her room as she lies on her floor grasping the lone blanket that serves as her bed. Her mind wanders as she contemplates what lies in store for her tomorrow; a full day of school….friends…homework …expectations.

She wonders if some of her friends realize just how fortunate they are not to have to worry about their next meal, a roof over their head, a warm bed to sleep in. She wonders if anyone knows, or cares, about the challenges she faces day after day.

She feels isolated and alone. The floor is cold, but still she tries to sleep.

This is just one of the examples of what many children in Genesee County face every day. As we approach our fifth year at Zoie Sky our vision of giving children a place to dream, one child at a time is clearer than ever. Making a difference in our community has been our goal from day one and that difference has come in the form of a warm bed and a brand new environment for over 150 children.

With each project, Zoie Sky leaves behind a newly furnished and decorated bedroom that has been lovingly designed specifically for that child.

But we also leave behind something even more important.

Each recipient of a Zoie Sky room is left with no doubt that three things are true. They are loved. They have value. There is hope. We have found these three gifts to be the most valuable things we give the kids of Zoie Sky.

None of this happens, however, without help. Zoie Sky is completely dependent on the financial and prayerful support of people such as you. This precious organization will simply not be able to create tears of joy another year without your generosity.

As you begin to make your holiday plans and shopping lists, please remember children like Alicia this year and partner with Zoie Sky in our mission to give all children in Genesee County a place to dream.

* By making a donation before the end of this year, you’ll be eligible for 2013 Tax Deduction. So give generously today!

Ways to Donate:

Become a monthly donor: For $10, $15, $25, $50, $100.
For just $25 a month you can provide a bed for a child in need..
Make a one-time donation in any amount.

If you want to Join our Christmas Fundly project go to https://fundly.com/help-create-more-smiles-with-zoie-sky-this-christmas to help us reach our goal of $4000!

• Donations can be made by credit or debit online, or by check to 767 East Main Street Suite 1102 Flushing, MI 48433

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