An Angel Tree Dream

On Christmas Eve 2013 we had the privilege of providing for another family in our community!  This was truly a Christmas miracle.  We were called by the Angel Tree Coordinator at Central Church of the Nazarene, Debi Johnson on December 22nd.  She stressed to us that their team had just dropped of some Christmas gifts for a family in our community that didn’t have anything…not a thing.  Not a couch, chairs, beds, nothing.  The only furniture in the home was a small dining table and a bassinet for the baby that was quickly outgrowing the small bed.  Debi called with a dream to provide this family with a Christmas surprise of a house that would be turned into home on Christmas eve so that this would be a Christmas they would never forget.  Of course as soon as we got the call we were in!  There was even a local family in the area that provided the monetary donation to cover the cost.  So all we were worried about was logistics.  How in the world could we get beds for the whole family set up, delivered, and with Zoie Sky “style” in just 2 days!  We frantically sent an email at 8pm on Sunday night to Dick Skaff telling him the story.  To our surprise Skaff Furniture called the next day and said that they had all the beds in stock and would be able to deliver them the next day at 9:30am (Christmas Eve)!* We were so excited it was all coming together.  When we arrived at the house the next day at 9:30 Skaff was just pulling up.  From 9:30-10:30am this family went from having barely anything to a fully furnished house! Including a Christmas Tree with gifts underneath it!  Angel Tree was awesome and brought in living room furniture, a rug, the tree, and presents; while we outfitted the room.  It was truly amazing! It was a Christmas that I know us at Zoie Sky will never forget!

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