Why Bedrooms? One of the most important aspects to student achievement and well being is sleep. Lack of sleep is a national epidemic for today’s children, and the consequences are serious. Children, who sleep well, perform better. Children who feel valued, invest themselves in their goals. Children who know someone cares about them, care about others.

After working in homes where children were sleeping on the floor, in corners of their rooms or sharing a small mattress on the floor, Kali Weber felt moved to give them a place of Inspiration and Hope. What can I do, she often asked herself? Being challenged by her local church to commit to community outreach, provided her the encouraging catalyst to start Zoie Sky. Having worked in interior design for over a decade, Kali recognized the value individuals feel in a comforting space. Working through referrals by social workers and other professionals, Kali and her team began the dream.

Zoie Sky is named after Kali’s two beautiful children, Zoie and Skyla. The meaning behind each name is also incredibly important. “Zoie” means Life, and “Skyla” means Heavenly. Kali believes her own children, and all children are beautiful gifts from God, she believes Zoie Sky Foundation is “Life’s little piece of Heaven, giving children a place to dream!”

Our world today is plagued with many ills; however, those who suffer most are the children who are faultless for their circumstances. We may not be able to fix every problem, but we cannot sit idly by and do nothing.

How does it work? After identifying qualifying families, we meet with each child to determine their hobbies, interests, and favorite colors. We then go shopping to cater to each child’s specific wishes. The rooms are cleaned, painted, and set up while the children are at school, or away from home. When they return their room is revealed with a brand new bed, dresser,desk, window treatments, pictures, and pillows personalized to their interests.

Please think about the comfort you find in your own bedroom, your own personal oasis. Think about the memories you have, being tucked into bed, jumping on the bed, making your bed and sleeping peacefully. Then, think about dragging out a pile of tattered blankets and curling up next to your siblings, on the floor in order to squeeze in a few hours of unrest between the sunset and sunrise. Learn more, tell your friends, lend a hand, fund furnishings. Make a difference!

“Let’s be hope for the children, giving them a place to dream!” – Kali Weber/Founder

Currently, Zoie Sky only serves and helps those in Genesee county.

Board & Staff Members

  • Kari Burba, Trustee, Attorney
  • Angie Field: Secretary, Children’s Director, First Presbyterian Church of Flint
  • David Gaines, President, Business Owner, Gaines Jewelery
  • Judy Domerese, Trustee, Retired Educator
  • Sonya LaGore: Trustee, Chief Operating Officer, OLV Investment Group
  • Missy Zendler, Treasurer, Educator
  • JoAnne Soulia, Trustee, Co-Founder of Zoie Sky
  • Jenny Richardson, Executive Director, Zoie Sky