“Zoie Sky gave bedrooms to children who had been behavioral problems in the school system. Since receiving their new bedrooms, these children have had remarkable behavioral and attitude changes.”
- Frank McDowell, Richfield Public School Academy

“My Desk is my favorite piece of furniture in my new bedroom. I can’t wait to do my homework.”
- Anthony, 7 years

“Zoie Sky is certainly a STAR to the Children they have helped. For many of these children a bedroom is little more than a mattress on the floor and clothes in a box in the corner. A room that is a reminder of difficulties they are experiencing, rather than a comfort to help them through difficult times. Zoie Sky understands this and is doing something about it. They are making a difference in children’s lives.”
- Theresa Warden, CASA Volunteer

“This is so awesome…. is this a dream? For real, is this a dream? Because if it is, I don’t want to wake up!”
- Alix, age 10

“It isn’t just about giving a child a bed; it is about creating an experience that will live with these children forever. Letting them know, someone LOVED them during difficult times.”
-Kali Weber, Founder Zoie Sky